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{Thursday, 3 March, 11}   A little thing called FEAR


That word was not even in my vocabulary.   At any opportunity, my backpack was ready to take me to any country I could get in to, with or without “legal” permission.   Family and friends were hardly surprised at my last-minute announcement that I was taking off for a new adventure,  new part-time employment, or a new museum.  I was fearless ~ or so believed until recently~

F alse

E vidence

A ppearing

R eal

Lately, I’ve begun to ponder just where fear reared its ugly head in my life.  Where did I see this little creature popping up?  Could it be something as simple as my avoidance of social events where using the excuse that I had nothing to wear was a convenient “out” or as big as not moving forward with a dream?  How often had I kept myself awake at night with visions of inventions, new businesses or fantasies of myself socializing with people that I could persuade to help me “save the world”.  Morning would soon arrive and my creative juices would quickly wash away in the shower.   Later, while reading the newspaper or watching an infomercial, I would see an idea similar to one of my late night fantasies and think to myself, what gave this person the right to follow through with his/her dream?  And then, frozen with the idea of putting myself “out there”, I would do absolutely nothing.  It was simple – FEAR.  Fear of failure and fear of looking like a fool.  Whatever the reason, all reasons were simply excuses created out of my fear.

In this immediate moment, I am fearful of posting this blog – exposed & naked I stand before you.  Nearby, my faithful bucket of essential oils beckon me, begging me, in fact, to “use” them.  Pick me!  Pick me!  I survey the oils.  My fingers land on Bergamot Mint.  With a chemistry similar to lavender, soothing to the nerves, uplifting and ever-so-gentle to the skin, I rub a drop of the oil on my temples.  The lovely aroma wafts through the room and I become calm, almost confident and fearless.

So my question to you, my readers, is this?  How do you get over your fear?  How do you follow through with those ideas for marvelous inventions, start-up businesses, or that book you want to write?  How do you dance yourself into those social events you see yourself becoming part of?  How do you create the life you see yourself living?

Enlighten me as I am stuck ~ once again ~ in fear.


starbug54 says:

Fear can paralyze me; keep me from doing the things I want or need to do, as a voice that tells me that what I want is too big or dangerous for me to accomplish. It engulfs me when it feels like I’m already standing on the edge. I’m able to get out of it’s grip after I recognize that it’s ‘only’ fear. I’m able then to take a deep breath and jump in to the water below.

There are a myriad of tools and techniques that I use to get out of fear! Sometimes I take a nap, knowing that everything will shift as I rest. Other times, I get off my butt and take a walk, letting my fear dissipate in the fresh air. As any good Exhilarator knows, when needed, I also do something I’ve never done before, go for a first-time experience or re-visit an old joy. Just this morning, I went to an early morning business breakfast. I remembered the pleasure of stimulating my thoughts with new ideas offered with wisdom and insight! Thank you, Christine, for this wonderful topic… and having the courage to step beyond your fear and find your faith (and your Bergamot Mint)!

nlwarner says:

The point of fear is to give one guidance in situations that could be potentially dangerous – sometimes it is a good thing. When mingled with common sense, moderation and a sense of self, social situations, aspirations and dreams can be a reality – baby steps eventually grow into adult length strides. Keep on keeping on!

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