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{Thursday, 28 June, 12}   Tea Tree Essential Oil ~ my hero!
My house is over 50 years old and prior to moving in, I don’t think the basement had ever experienced the hum of a dehumidifier.  Side note: I am paranoid of mold in a basement – it is costly to remove and threatens the re-sale value of one’s house ~ not that any was found, but better safe than sorry.  My quest was to rid the basement of “that damp smell”.
Once… again, I turn to Nature.  Alive with chemical components of protection – why would an essential oil diffusion not work?  What to use?  After re-evaluating all my oils, I concluded that Tea Tree EO was the winner. Tea Tree is best known for its Anti-infectious, Anti-biotic, and Anti-fungal properties. What did I have to lose?
I decided to put Tea Tree to the test.  Using my favourite diffuser from Diffuser World, I loaded the bottle with undiluted Tea EO, turned the diffuser on, simultaneously running the dehumidifier, and closed the door behind me.  Every day I would cautiously venture down into the darkness, empty the dehumidifier bucket and refill the diffuser.  Both machines sputtered and coughed along ~ 24/7 for 3 weeks.
The day of reckoning had come. I shut off both machines… silence filled the air and I took a DEEP breath.  The air was not only dry, but very fresh smelling.  I jumped with joy!  Mission accomplished.  I, to this day, continue to diffuse with Tea Tree EO 1 day/1x month.  Do you have any experiences to share with Tea Tree Essential Oil?

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