a Scented Muse

ASM_BeatnikGirlChristine Milano believes that within every being there is a story waiting to be coaxed into the written word.  She began writing, out of mere frustration, with her own inability to verbally express herself.  Feeling as if she was going crazy with all the words swirling messily within her head, at 10, she put pen to paper; the beginning to no end of the volumes of steno books that fill her den.  Each volume awaits to feel the tickle of their pages as she flips through to retrieve a quote, a memory or a simple story.  Within their pages are the secret adventures and emotions, all meticulously documented, whilst trotting her gypsy spirit around the world in an effort to ease the restlessness within her soul.  

Christine carries on her work as a wordsmith, an aromatherapist (www.ascentedmuse.com), a volunteer for the Global Tracheostomy Collaborative and the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc (USSVI). 

She continues to be open to all of the opportunities that present themselves to document ordinary people’s extraordinary experiences.


What a gift– to travel the world and to befriend plants at every turn. Friends that won’t let you down and undeniably offer a sweeter world….

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