a Scented Muse

{Friday, 11 May, 12}   Girls’ allowed only!

It has been a long-standing tradition to set one week aside each year to simply BE!  The sign on our suitcase reads, “NO MEN ALLOWED!”  In the past, we have explored islands and temples, lounged leisurely on house boats, and experienced many other adventures. However, this year she is not feeling her best, so we set out for a simple road trip out East.

While driving, I look in wonder at the woman beside me…my Mom.  Everything in the car vibrates to the Enigma song blaring through the car speakers—and she is lost somewhere within, eyes closed.  For the moment, she throws her hands side-to-side, face upturned in pure joy, swaying to a beat only she hears.  I glimpse the free spirit that is so often caged within—of her as a young woman with her whole life waiting to be discovered.

It is the small things I notice about Mom on our trips together.  Not only do I see the woman who taught me to maneuver my way through life, but a woman that put her own wants and desires aside to pursue what society expected of her—like many women of her generation.

We talk about her past dreams.  Did she have any regrets?  Her answer remains consistent. “I would not have the 4 wonderful children I have if I had made other choices. No, I am very content with my life.” 

We laugh, we cry, we argue (like most Italian families) and we talk about our bucket lists.  “What happens when her bucket no longer has a list inside of it?” I silently wonder to myself.  Quietly, I say a prayer that she will continue to add items so we can grow to be old women together, helping each other out of the car seat and adding another sticker to our suitcase:  NO OLD MEN ALLOWED!

I would not be who I am today had you not taught me to laugh and not take myself so seriously.  Thank you for swaying to your own music and teaching me to do the same.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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